Understand your audience

Find out who accesses your content the location, language, and time zone of the users who scanned your codes. This information can help you fine-tune your marketing campaigns and adjust your business strategy to better meet the needs of your target audience. Visualizing and analyzing the location of the person who scanned the QR code. Analyzing the language preferences of the person who scanned the QR code. Determining the time zone of the person who scanned the QR code.

text_to_speech Text to Speech

Bring your text to life in spoken form instantly with Text to Speech (TTS) technology.

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upload Upload your own audio

If you prefer to use a human voice, you can upload your own audio files too.

headphones No Fuss Audio Guides

Digital audio guides have become a popular way for museums to enhance the visitor experience. However, downloading a dedicated app for every museum can be a hassle for visitors. QR Translator enables museums to provide hassle-free audio guides by allowing visitors to access them instantly on their phones via a scanned QR code, without the need for downloading a dedicated app.

accessible Accessiblity

By making written text available in spoken languages, narration makes your translated content even more accessible: Readers who have a visual impairment or reading difficulties can listen to your content instead of having to read it.

In Japan, QR Translator has been used on OTC drug packaging to make crucial information related to intake guidelines and allergens easily accessible to everyone.

Text to Speech

43+ Supported Languages

Text to Speech is available for all 43 default language options.

High Quality Audio Output

Voices are almost indistinguishable from a human voice.

Various voice options

Choose from a variety of language versions and dialects.

SSML Support

Give specific instructions on how you’d like specific words or phrases to be pronounced or emphasised adding your SSML files.

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