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Make your content accessible in both written and spoken form in your audience's own language.

Join us today in our mission to eliminate language barriers and make the world more open and accessible to all.

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One QR code for all translations translate

Provide translations for your information in up to 15 languages.

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monitoring Track your QR codes

Easily see how your audience interacts with your services and products. Learn about the frequency and locations of their QR code scans, their preferred languages, and other valuable insights.

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Multilingual QR codes in 3 simple steps footprint

Step 1

Create page

Get started by creating an account and using our user-friendly page builder to add your source text. You can add images, videos, maps, and customise the page with fonts and colors to match your brand.


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Step 2


With support for 130+ languages via machine translation, you can quickly translate your text without the need for a human translator. You can then edit and refine the translations as needed.


east south

Step 3

Download QR code

QR Translator issues a QR code that stores up to 15 translations. Simply display the QR code in a strategic location where your audience can easily access it.


headphones Perfect for Audioguides

Instantly turn your reader's phone into an audio guide by enabling text to speech on your translations. QR Translator uses the latest text to speech technologies to ensure top-notch audio quality. If you have your own recordings, you can use those too!

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Frequently Asked Questions

While there are numerous services available for generating QR codes, QR Translator stands out with its robust translation, redirection, and speech tools. Moreover, QR Translator QR codes are dynamic, allowing you to edit their content at any time. QR Translator is the ideal choice for multilingual signage, marketing and information sharing.

The URL embedded in the QR code will promptly open in the user's browser. If you have a translation in the user's language, it will be displayed automatically, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience.
With the scanner's consent, the device's location data will be securely stored and made accessible as part of the Scan Data.

QR Translator detects the display language of the device* that is used to scan the QR code.

*Strictly speaking, it is the language of the browser, but the language settings of your smartphone or tablet are usually inherited by the browser.

Machine translation is available for over 130 languages. By default, you can choose from a diverse range of machine translatable 43 languages. You also have the flexibility to create translations in any other languages by defining your own custom languages.

Text to Speech is available in 43 languages, but you can upload your own mp3 files in any language.

For a comprehensive list of all supported languages, open_in_new See all languages.

Note: Certain lesser-known languages might not be recognized by web browsers, and as a result, cannot be utilised on QR Translator.

Yes, you have the option to regenerate machine translations as often as necessary. When you choose to do so, you can retranslate all, some, or none of the other languages. However, please be aware that any manual edits you've applied to the existing translations will be replaced by the new machine-generated translations. By default, editing the content of one language will not affect the existing translations in other languages. This allows you to tailor your content to meet the specific language preferences of your audience.