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QR Translator 2 (Beta)

The next generation QR Translator.


One QR code for all translations

One code can contain content in up to 15 languages
(choose from 43).

QR Translator redirects users to the appropriate translation based on their mobile device’s language settings.

Scan the code with your phone's camera to try it.


your audience

Give your audience easy access to content in their own language in both written and spoken form.

Join us today in our mission to make everyone’s world borderless and barrier-free.

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Practical and cost-effective

Update your content anywhere, anytime with the in-browser (no software necessary!) page builder to keep your content relevant at all times.

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12 22

Press Release: Battleship Missouri Memorial displays to be available in 10 languages

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10 07

We are excited to announce the release of QR Translator 2 (Beta)

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Easy to create and manage

QR Translator makes translating signboards and printed materials a walk in the park:

Step 1

Create your page

Create an account and use the page builder to add your content, images, a location, and social media buttons.



Social Media buttons

Step 2


Translate your content in up to
14 languages.

43 languages

Edit anytime

Step 3

Generate and install code

Generate your first unique QRT Code and place it in a strategic spot.

1 code for all languages


No Apps needed

Why choose QR Translator

43 Languages

Supports a wide variety of languages.


Accommodates to a variety of user's needs.

Social Media

Localized social share buttons.


Fits into any limited space.


Easy to create, install and manage.


One QR code for all translations.

No apps

Create and manage in your favourite browser.


Update your content anytime.

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