Scan Data

Understand your Audience with Scan Data

Understanding your audience is essential for maximizing engagement and sales. With QR Translator, you can easily see how your audience engages with your QR codes. Discover how often they scan your QR codes, where they scan them, their preferred languages, and more.

Insights from QR Code Scans

1. Geographical Insights

You may know where your products are sold, but understanding where they are actually consumed is a more challenging task. With the data collected through your QR codes, you can get a clear picture of where and how they engage with your product and services.

*To protect your users' privacy, the accuracy of scanning locations is intentionally reduced: Scanning locations indicated on the map are 100 meters or more away from the actual location.

2. Language Insights

Easily see in which languages your audience views your content, and identify popular products or services among specific language groups.

This information is invaluable for understanding which products appeal most to users of specific languages, especially when selling diverse products.

3. And More

You can also gain insights into your QR codes' performance, such as:

checkViews by time of the day and day of the week
checkViews by operating system and browser
checkUnique users* and total views**; by date and point in time
checkViews by region

*Unique users: The number of unique users that access your QR code.
**Total views: The total number of times your QR code has been viewed.

Leverage Scan Data for Marketing Success

Monitor the effectiveness of your QR code placements

QR codes offer a versatile means of interaction with your audience across various mediums, including printed materials like posters, stickers, flyers, business cards, and books, as well as (digital) signboards. By closely tracking scan data, you'll gain insights into which medium works best for your audience and objective.

Fine-tune your marketing campaigns

Use QR Translator's scan data to refine your marketing strategies and better align them with your target audience's needs. By understanding your visitors' behavior, you can create more effective content that resonates with your audience.