Terms of Use

Use of the services of QR Translator (hereinafter referred to as the "Services") provided on https://*.qrtranslator.com (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") requires agreement with these Terms of Use as described herein. Use of the Services constitutes agreement with all the terms and conditions provided below. These Terms of Use as well as the content of the Services are subject to correction, revision, change, deletion and other modification without prior notice. Before using the Services, check the Terms of Use for the latest update.

1. Purpose
  • These Terms of Use were established as matters users must agree to before using the Services operated by PIJIN and its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as the "Provider").
2. Definitions
  • 2-1. "Account" refers to a qualification to be able to access the Site and use the Services.
  • 2-2. "Service User" refers to a person accessing the Site and/or using the Services.
  • 2-3. "Source Text" refers to text input for the purpose of using the Services for translation.
  • 2-4. "Machine Translation" refers to a series of operations in which the Services are used to translate text by machine translation on the Site and save the results at a specific location on the Site.
  • 2-5. "Translation Results" refers to the product resulting from the translation of Source Text by Machine Translation to the language(s) specified by Service User.
  • 2-6. "QR Code" refers to a code used for accessing the Translation Results, and refers to an electronic image or a duplicate thereof that can be downloaded from the Site.
3. Contents of the Services
  • 3-1. The main contents of the Services are as follows.
    • 3-1-1. QR Code generation
      Service User can generate QR Codes by entering a Source Text and specifying the language(s) to be translated on the Site. A single QR Code can be linked with Source Text and Translation Results in up to 15 languages.
    • 3-1-2. Translation
      By entering a Source Text on the Site, Service User can have it translated by Machine Translation into one or more languages specified by Service User. In principle, Machine Translation is provided free of charge.
    • 3-1-3. Editing and saving of Translation Results
      Service User may edit and save the Translation Results at their discretion. In addition to text, data such as images can be laid out, edited, and saved. The saved data will be displayed on smartphones and tablets when the QR Code is scanned, according to the device's language setting.
    • 3-1-4. Text-To-Speech
      Service User may have their device read aloud, when the QR Code is scanned, the Translation Results being mechanically converted into voice (hereinafter referred to as "Voice Conversion Results") in the displayed language.
4. Registration for use of the Services and creation and management of Account
  • 4-1. Those who wish to use the Services may apply to the Provider to register an Account by submitting the necessary information on the Site, after agreeing to comply with the Terms of Use.
  • 4-2. The Provider shall appropriately manage the registered information by Service User in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
  • 4-3. Only the person who uses the Services, or, in the case of a corporation or an organization, the person who has the authority to conclude a contract externally may apply for opening an Account. Account registration by an agent or representative is not permitted. However, this does not apply to cases where the agent or representative is an authorized dealer of the Provider or has legitimate authority.
  • 4-4. Applicants opening an Account must register accurate information about themselves or their organizations, and guarantee that all information registered on the Site is true.
  • 4-5. The conditions for Account registration are as follows; however, 4-5-1 does not apply to corporations.
    • 4-5-1. The applicant must not be a minor or other person with limited capacity to act; provided, however, that in the case of a minor, you have obtained the comprehensive consent of their legal representative.
    • 4-5-2. The applicant does not belong to or have a relationship with antisocial forces such as organized crime groups in the past, present, or future.
    • 4-5-3. Service User has not had their Account deleted or terminated in the past in accordance with Section 4-7 of the Terms of Use.
  • 4-6. Service User shall not transfer, resell, lend, or perform any other similar acts (hereinafter referred to as "Transfer") to a third party without the consent of the Provider.
  • 4-7. In the event that the Provider determines that the Account registration procedure falls under any of the following conditions, the Provider may not approve the Account application. In addition, the Provider may revoke the Account even after the approval or registration.
    • 4-7-1. In the event that Service User does not meet the conditions in Section 4-5 for registering an Account, or no longer meets these conditions.
    • 4-7-2. In the event that Service User has registered by entering false or fictitious information, in violation of Sections 4-3 or 4-4 above.
    • 4-7-3. In the event that an Account is transferred to a third party without the Provider's permission, in violation of Section 4-6 above. This includes cases where the Provider reasonably judges that the Account has been Transferred.
    • 4-7-4. In the event of any other violation of these Terms of Use, which has not been corrected despite a request for correction by the Provider within a reasonable period of time.
  • 4-8. The Provider will provide the Services based on the registered information. If there is any change in the registered information, Service User agrees to notify the Provider of such change within 14 days, and to follow the necessary procedures as requested by the Provider.
  • 4-9. The Provider shall not be liable for any damage caused to Service User or a third party due to Service User's negligence in notifying changes as required in Section 4-8 above, or due to falsehood, misdescription, or omission in the contents of the registration information.
5. Management of ID and password
  • 5-1. Service User shall manage and store their own ID and password at their own responsibility, and shall not use, borrow, or Transfer them to a third party. Upon confirming the correct combination of the ID and the password, the Provider shall deem that Service User has used the Services.
  • 5-2. The Provider shall not be liable for any damage caused by the unauthorized use of the Account by a third party due to the leakage of the ID or password for reasons not attributable to the Provider.
6. Service fee
  • 6-1. The service fees for the Services are set according to the plans posted on the Site by the Provider. However, this shall not apply to cases where there is a separate special agreement with an authorized dealer or other party with legitimate title to the Provider.
  • 6-2. Service User shall be required to pay the relevant service fees according to the plans used. In the case of paid use, an initial fee may be charged. The Internet fees, packet fees, and other communication-related costs incurred with the telecommunication carriers for the use of the Services are not included in the service fees. Service User shall pay these fees separately to the relevant telecommunication carriers.
  • 6-3. Service User shall be responsible for any bank transfer fees, remittance fees, and other expenses necessary for the payment of service fees. In addition, the service fees shall be subject to the amount of consumption tax levied in accordance with the provisions of the Consumption Tax Act of the Japanese government.
  • 6-4. The Provider may change the service fees or their calculation method, etc. depending on the economic climate and other economic conditions.
  • 6-5. If Service User intends to distribute the QR Code in quantities exceeding 10,000 copies, the Service User is required to report this to the Provider. In such cases, an additional service fee may be charged based on the number of copies.
7. No guarantee of Translation Results and Voice Conversion Results
  • 7-1. The Provider does not guarantee the perfect accuracy and consistency of the Source Text and the Translation Results or Voice Conversion Results, regardless of whether it involves Machine Translation or text-to-speech mechanical conversion.
8. Management of Service User's information
  • 8-1. The Provider shall appropriately handle and manage information (including personal information) collected by the Provider during the provision of the Services, in accordance with the Privacy Policy separately stipulated by the Provider.
9. Display of advertisements by the Provider
  • 9-1. During the free use period, or in other cases specified by the Provider, advertisements may be displayed by the Provider or by a third party mediated by the Provider, on the screen where the Translation Results or the Source Text are viewed.
  • 9-2. The display of advertisements shall be clearly separated from the Service User's contents and shall be clearly indicated as an advertisement.
10. Principle of self-responsibility
  • 10-1. Service User must have an environment with access to the Internet to use the Services. Service User shall be responsible for an appropriate installation and operation of an access environment, including hardware, software, and communication equipment, at their own responsibility and expense. The Provider shall not be involved in the access environment of Service User, and shall not be responsible for the installation, operation, etc. of such equipment.
  • 10-2. Service User shall use the Services based on their own responsibility and judgment regarding accuracy, completeness, usefulness, legality, etc. of the contents (including documents, images, and other data) of Source Text, and shall be liable for any damage to themselves or their organization due to the use of the Services or the inability to use the Services. In the event that any disadvantage arises to Service User or the organization to which Service User belongs as a result of the use of the Services or the inability to use the Services, Service User shall not claim responsibility from the Provider. The same shall apply to any disadvantage or damage caused to a third party as a result of the use of or inability to use the Services.
  • 10-3. When using the Services, Service User shall warrant that the Source Text will not infringe on the human rights, intellectual property rights, or any other rights or interests of a third party. In the event that there is a possibility that the rights or interests of a third party have been infringed upon, Service User shall immediately stop using the Services and attempt to resolve the issue with the third party at their own responsibility and expense. In this case, Service User shall agree that the Provider may stop the publication and use of the Source Text and Translation Results.
  • 10-4. The Provider shall not assume any responsibility for the Translation Results. This shall also apply in the event that an obvious error is found in the Translation Results. Service User shall be responsible for not only the Source Text, but also all Translation Results arising from the content of the Source Text, and shall not demand responsibility from the Provider. The same shall apply to the Voice Conversion Results.
11. Disclaimer
  • 11-1. The Provider shall not be liable for any damages incurred to Service User due to reasons listed in 11-1-1 through 11-1-5, regardless of the cause of claim, such as default, tort, unjust enrichment, etc.
    • 11-1-1. Force majeures such as natural disasters, political upheavals, disturbances, riots, and legal restrictions
    • 11-1-2. Leakage of information (including personal information) due to unauthorized access by a third party to equipment such as the operation server of the Site, unauthorized attack, or interception on the Internet communication path
    • 11-1-3. Failures caused by malfunctions in telecommunication services provided by telecommunication carriers, such as malfunctions in the Internet connection services
    • 11-1-4. Compulsory dispositions based on laws and regulations such as the Code of Criminal Procedure and the Act on the Interception of Communications for Criminal Investigation, or other compulsory dispositions based on court orders
    • 11-1-5. Other reasons not attributable to the Provider
  • 11-2. The Provider shall not be liable for any disputes between Service User and third parties arising from Service User's use of the Services.
12. Prohibited matters
  • 12-1. The Provider shall prohibit Service User from sending Source Text that include contents enumerated in Sections 12-1-1 to 12-1-12, in addition to the acts prohibited in other provisions of Terms of Use and various regulations separately stipulated by the Provider. In the event that the Provider judges that Source Text or Translation Results fall within the scope of Sections 12-1-1 to 12-1-12, the Source Text or Translation Results may be deleted without prior notice to Service User. This shall also apply to cases where unauthorized access by a third party has taken place through the Account of the relevant Service User.
    • 12-1-1. Content that includes personal information leakage or privacy violation.
    • 12-1-2. Content that defames others, or content that is obscene.
    • 12-1-3. Expressions or contents that induce or encourage illegal acts, criminal acts, suicide, etc.
    • 12-1-4. Content that interferes with another person's business or leaks another person's confidential information.
    • 12-1-5. Content that forewarns, induces, incites, or encourages crime.
    • 12-1-6. Content that includes terrorism, overthrow of nations, or other disturbing claims against nations.
    • 12-1-7. Content that may infringe on the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of others.
    • 12-1-8. Medical or drug-related content that may endanger human health or life due to misinterpretation.
    • 12-1-9. Confidential or legal documents, the mistranslation of which may cause irreparable damage to the parties concerned.
    • 12-1-10. Content that contains confidential information that may cause serious consequences if disclosed to a third party.
    • 12-1-11. Other content that may cause damage to others or content that is offensive to public order and morals.
  • 12-2. The Provider shall prohibit Service User from performing the following acts.
    • 12-2-1. Improper alteration or falsification of QR Codes issued by the Services.
    • 12-2-2. Illegally affixing QR Codes issued by the Services to other people's property (including bulletin boards and other public property) without the consent of the owner or manager of the property.
    • 12-2-3. Issuing QR Codes without the purpose of using them in the real world.
    • 12-2-4. Issuing QR Codes by mechanical means, such as computer programs, without official permission from the Provider, and other acts of using the Services.
    • 12-2-5. Acts of re-selling or reselling the Services without having a legitimate title such as an authorized dealer of the Provider.
    • 12-2-6. Acts of using the Services to provide third parties with services similar to or incidental to the Services, regardless of whether they are free of charge or not, without having the legitimate title of the authorized dealer of the Provider
13. Operation hours and suspension of use
  • 13-1. The operation hours of the system providing the Services (hereinafter referred to as the "System") shall be 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, except in cases listed in 13-2 and 13-3 below. In principle, the hours of contact for various inquiries and support shall be limited to the business hours of the Provider.
  • 13-2. During periods of intense use of the System, the Provider may limit the Service User's access to the Services.
  • 13-3. The Provider may stop, suspend, or interrupt the use of the Services without prior notice when it is deemed to fall under any of the conditions outlined in the following Sections 13-3-1 to 13-3-3.
    • 13-3-1. In the event that maintenance and inspection of the equipment constituting the System are required.
    • 13-3-2. In the event that a natural disaster or other unforeseen event causes or is likely to cause a serious failure of the System.
    • 13-3-3. In the event that the Provider deems it necessary to suspend, terminate, or discontinue the Services.
14. Restriction of use, termination of the Services, and legal action due to unauthorized use
  • 14-1. The Provider shall prohibit Service User from committing any of the acts specified in Sections 14-1-1 through 14-1-4 against the Provider or the System.
    • 14-1-1. Continuing to use the System without paying the usage fee specified in Section 6 of the Terms of Use, or using the System for illegal purposes.
    • 14-1-2. Illegally accessing the System or intentionally sending virus-infected files to the System.
    • 14-1-3. Intentionally interfering with the management and operation of the System.
    • 14-1-4. Engaging in any other acts that interfere with the operation of the System.
  • 14-2. In cases where Service User has committed any of the prohibited acts listed in Section 12 of the Terms of Use, or has committed or is likely to commit any of the acts listed in Sections 14-1-1 through 14-1-4 of the Terms of Use, the Provider shall suspend or restrict the use of Service User, or take appropriate measures such as canceling the use, and shall also take appropriate legal procedures.
15. Licensing of trademarks
  • 15-1. QR Translator is a registered trademark owned by Provider.
  • 15-2. The Provider grants Service User a non-exclusive right to use the registered trademark "QR Translator®" and other service names, notations, logos, marks, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "Trademarks") to the extent reasonable and necessary for utilizing the Services during the relevant usage period.
  • 15-3. Service User shall not modify, process, edit, or otherwise alter the Trademarks in any way.
  • 15-4. Service User shall attach the registered trademark "QR Translator®", which is the name of the Services, to 2D barcodes generated and issued by the Services, and shall not generate and issue them separately from the trademark. In principle, the trademark may not be replaced by any other proprietary mark. However, this shall not apply if the Provider has given its consent.
  • 15-5. With respect to patents and other intellectual property rights related to the Services owned by the Provider, the Provider shall grant Service User a non-exclusive license or right to use such rights during the term of the relevant use, but only to the extent necessary for the use of the Services.
16. Copyright
  • 16-1. Service User shall grant the Provider a non-exclusive right to use the Source Text and Translation Results, to the extent necessary and reasonable for providing the Services.
  • 16-2. The copyright of the Translation Results (secondary works) resulting from the use of the Services shall belong to the Provider and the Translator. However, the Provider and the Translator shall permit Service User to use such Translation Results within the scope of the purpose of the Services, and shall not exercise their moral rights.
  • 16-3. The Provider shall prohibit Service User from duplicating, quoting, reprinting, or making any other secondary use of the Translation Results from the use of the Services without permission, except for the purpose of the Services.
17. Other intellectual property rights
  • 17-1. All ownership rights, industrial property rights, and other intellectual property rights related to all the programs, software, procedures, documents, images, data, works of authorship, service marks, etc. that constitute the Services belong to the Provider and its suppliers. These intellectual property rights are protected by laws and treaties related to intellectual property rights. Therefore, Service User shall comply with laws and treaties regarding these intellectual property rights when using the Services.
  • 17-2. Service User shall not acquire or exercise new intellectual property rights in any country, even if they have created inventions, devices, designs, or other creations through changes, expansions, or improvements of the Services, or through collaboration with the Services.
18. Collection, analysis, and handling of information related to Services
  • 18-1. Service User shall agree that the Provider may use the registration information, device information, and other information and data provided to the Provider as statistically processed information that does not include information that identifies Service User, for the purpose of providing and operating the Services, improving and enhancing the Services, improving usability, conducting advertising and other notification activities for the Services, or gaining statistical data.
19. Exclusion of antisocial forces
  • 19-1. Service User must ensure that, at the time of applying for an Account and in the future, neither they nor their officers, employees, shareholders, etc., are part of organized crime groups, members of such groups, quasi-members, companies associated with organized crime groups, corporate extortionists, advocates, or similar individuals (referred to as "Antisocial Forces").
  • 19-2. The Provider may cancel or terminate the Services without any notice when it is found that Service User is in breach of the guarantee stated in Section 19-1 above, or when the Provider judges that Service User is likely to be in breach of the guarantee based on reasonable grounds.
20. Monitoring
  • 20-1. The Provider may, at its discretion, monitor to a reasonable extent whether Service User is using the Services properly, and Service User shall agree to such monitoring.
21. Amendment of Terms of Use
  • 21-1. The Provider may change or partially abolish these Terms of Use and the contents and specifications of the Services without prior notice. In such cases, the Services shall be governed by the revised Terms of Use.
  • 21-2. In the event that there is a separate special agreement with the Provider, the agreement shall take precedence over the Terms of Use in the event of any conflict with the provisions outlined in this agreement.
22. Compensation for damages
  • 22-1. Service User shall be entitled to claim compensation for damages from the Provider for reasons attributable to the Provider, within the scope specified in Section 22-2 below, limited to normal and direct damages actually suffered by Service User. However, with regard to damages caused by a defect in the Services, Service User shall be able to claim against the Provider only when the defect is not corrected due to reasons attributable to the Provider and when damages are incurred due to a failure to provide a reasonable alternative measure to correct the defect.
  • 22-2. Claims under Section 22-1 above may not be made after six (6) months have elapsed from the date of commencement of use of the Services that led to the claim for damages.
  • 22-3. The total cumulative amount of damages under Section 22-1 above shall be limited to the amount equivalent to the relevant fee of the Services that is the cause of the reason attributable to the Provider, regardless of the cause of claim such as default, legal liability for defect, unjust enrichment, tort, etc.
23. Governing law and jurisdiction
  • 23-1. The use of the Service shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
  • 23-2. All lawsuits arising between the Provider and Service User regarding the use of the Services shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court as the court of first instance.
24. Consultation
  • 24-1. If any question arises regarding any matter not stipulated in these Terms of Use, Service User and Provider shall consult with each other to reach an amicable resolution.
25. Supplementary provisions
  • These Terms of Use became in force on December 1, 2012.
  • These Terms of Use were revised on April 1, 2016.
  • These Terms of Use were revised on June 10, 2019.
  • These Terms of Use were revised on December 31, 2023 and are in effect.