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Digitise, translate, and create a QR code for your translated content. All within one system. QR Translator is a cloud service that makes translating printed materials into multiple languages simple and easy.

translate Translate

Translate your content into multiple languages at once

Even with machine translation, it can be a hassle to translate texts one by one. With QR Translator, you create translations for multiple languages in one go.

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check 130+ supported languages
check Translations are 100% editable
check Unlimited translations
check Define your own custom languages
check Create a custom glossary (dictionary)
check Up to 15 translations in one QR code

palette Create multi-media content

Add images, videos, maps, and customise the page with fonts and colors to match your brand.

check Add your own images and logos
check Embed YouTube videos
check Show your location with Google Maps

monitoring Track your QR codes

Unlock the power of QR Code tracking

Gain insights into QR code scans, including scan frequency, preferred languages, geographical hotspots, and user device trends. Leverage this data to supercharge your next marketing strategy and drive results.

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assistant_direction Language-Based Redirection

Redirect users to seperate webpages based on the language they speak

When scanned, QR Translator detects the user's browser language. That's how it knows which translation to show.

If you have multiple landing pages in different languages, you can use the redirect option to specify where your users should be redirected (URL or another QR code) to based on their preferred language. You can also redirect

check Redirect to separate landing pages
check Redirect to another QR code or an external URL

voice_chat Voice

Make your content come alive in spoken form using Text to Speech (TTS) technology, or add your own audio.

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check AI-powered speech synthesis
check 43 supported languages
check Choose from various voices and dialects
check Excellent audio quality
check SSML support
check Upload your own recordings

groups Collaborate

Invite team members and translators to join your projects and contribute their expertise

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check Unlimited projects
check Control members' permissions